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Here are a few of my favorite links that I hope you will enjoy. Some of them will be ham related and others will be non-ham related. Drop me a line Wendell Kennison

if you think of something you would like to have added.


Amateur Radio Links

Mammoth Cave Amateur Radio Club

Monroe County Amateur Radio Club

Kentucky Colonels Amateur Radio Club

KN4IV Home Page

KQ4PL Home Page

Muhlenberg Co. and Tri-State
A.R.E.S Simplex Group

American Radio Relay League





Don Milner ZS6AQS

Amateur Radio Newsline


Mike Gunter AF4AR Web Site
A servant of Jesus Christ


Other Favorite Links

Real Kentucky Places

Save a puppy!

Black Velvet Band!

That Kentucky Lady

Highlander Communications
Computer Service and Web Design

Adventures Aloft

Gradie's Place

Mercy Nursy's Hangout

Early Country Music History

W9FUE Home Page

Joe's New Home

The Walker Family

The Low Down Pesky Buzzards

Bluegrass Music

Mountain Music from WMMT

History of Froedge's General Store