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I started out doing country comedy in the mid-60s as Gurny Garfinlkle performing at the numerous "country jamborees" at that time. I joined a local group there called "The Country Cousins". We were the front band for a lot of the Opry stars that were booked in Louisville and surrounding States. The Opry stars were at their peak about then and all of them toured extensively at that time. After awhile I got to being booked to shows on my own working all Sorts of places. I did a lot of fairs,Rv get togethers, and anywhere there was a large group. I did one act before a huge crowd of 6! I was on WBKO a couple of times when they televised country music from the old Morgantown Rd site. About that time I met Lonzo and Oscar and started doing a lot of shows with them. I've been book on the same show with MMMMMMel Tellis, Merl Haggard, Lin Anderson, Waylon Jennings, Leroy Van Dyke, Billy Crash Craddock, Skeeter Davis, Roy Acuff, Bill Carlise, Duke of Paducah, Stu Phillips, Tommy Cash, Grand Pa Jones and most of the good Bluegrass bands From those days at Bluegrass festivals. During the late 60's and early 70's I joined a group called the Country Gentlemen from Louisville and was with that group for the longest period of time. After moving to this area I hooked up with Lonzo and Oscar again. I did three Summers of a show called Kentucky at the Singing Hills in Cave City Kentucky.<Owned by Oscar>. I had a partner later on named Chester Bently who knew exactly what I was going to say or do and he was a great partner. While doing shows with Lonzo and Oscar I met Cleo Hogan, Mayor of Skunk Holler who always told the audience about his drinkin' Bro Willy. Channel 34 was airing country music at that time and I became "Drinkin' Brother Willy" We did a couple of years together there. Cleo became Lonzo after Oscar and the current Lonzo dissolved the partnership and left the Opry. Cleo passed on and I sure miss him.

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